NFA urges building owners to install fire monitoring system

Update: 12:11PM THE National Fire Authority is encouraging building owners to seriously consider the installation of the fire monitoring system to their buildings.

This comes in the light of the fire that broke out at the iTaukei Land Trust Board building in Suva, which the NFA said it was able to avert because of the alarm system connected to them.

NFA chief fire officer Qionilau Moceitai said they closely monitored the alarm system.

“NFA’s fire alarm monitoring system receives an instantaneous fire status signal detected by the building fire protection system,” Mr Moceitai said.

He said the NFA would immediately be alerted via the Alarm Signaling Equipment (ASE) installed in the building’s fire control panel if a fire occurred.

“The sooner NFA is alerted, the sooner the firefighters arrive at the scene to put out the fire and lessen the impact of fire damage in the building or the property.”

Prior to the fire at the TLTB building, he said NFA was only able to contain the fire from spreading through the whole building through the alarm system.

“NFA was alerted at 6.50pm through its fire alarm monitoring system, which connects the TLTB building to NFA’s Suva Control Centre.  

“This early alert to the NFA enables the fire brigade to respond immediately and minimise the impact of fire on any property.”

Mr Moceitai added NFA’s fire alarm monitoring system received an instantaneous fire status signal detected by the building fire protection system.   

Meanwhile, the authority has started its investigation with Police to determine the cause of the fire at the TLTB building.

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