New footpaths to improve pedestrian safety

(L-R) Lomanitoba Company Limited representative Mohammed Shameer with FRA Works Manager Anesh Sharan and FRA Works Superintendent Lee Doherty. Picture: SUPPLIED

NEW footpaths along Fletcher Road have been constructed to improve pedestrian safety.

Fiji Roads Authority Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moore clarified this in a statement issued today saying this was quite challenging as there were four high voltage cables underground, which was a risk factor during the works.

“However, the project was completed within three months,” Mr Moore

“Works included design of footpath, driveways and drainage to comply with relevant standards, excavation and removal of existing footpath and driveway and construction of new kerb and channel,” he said.

Mr Moore said the new and improved footpath will benefit school students with clearly defined path away from motorised traffic as well as improve access for the residents living in Vatuwaqa.

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