New town plan

PLANS are in progress for the establishment of a township on the island of Taveuni by next year.

The island’s district officer, Jeremaia Ubitau, revealed that the proposed town would be situated between Waitavala and Waiyevo.

Mr Ubitau said the town boundary would extend from Nabau Village in Somosomo to the Holy Cross College in Wairiki.

“The original plan for the establishment of a town on the island extends way back in 2000,” he said.

“However, these plans had been shelved in the past years until now.

“The new town will include a proper industrial and commercial area.”

Mr Ubitau said a team from the Town and Country Planning department had just completed assessment works on the town plan last Saturday.

“Paperworks for the proposed township is expected to begin next week while the town concept plans have already been completed,” he said.

“The people of Taveuni will have access to proper facilities and services that is only attributed to a proper town soon.

“This includes a proper market area, public convenience and government offices.”

While addressing the plight of members of the island who had raised their concern on the lack of public convenience at the Naqara Shopping, Mr Ubitau said the new township plan would solve all these issues.

Mr Ubitau said they had found difficulty in establishing a piece of land in Naqara on which to build a public convenience.

“There is so little space in Naqara and no one wanted to give their piece of land for the project.

“Now there is hope with the new town plan, which is expected to be formally established next year.”

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