New tech opens up niche markets

Update: 3:37PM A TRACEABLE system of trading for natural produce could support conservation and create niche markets for the region.

pilot study on how computer programs can track tuna products from catch to
table is already learning lessons which can be used for other sectors.

was part of a presentation made at the first ever Regional TechCamp on Block
Chain Technology (BCT) being held at the University of the South Pacific (USP).

New Zealand’s Tuna Programme Manager for the west and central Pacific, Alfred
Cook who presented at the event this morning said BCT could be useful for

Cook said a pilot project WWF conducted with local fishing company Sea Quest
and Fijian software provider TraSeable Solutions Ltd has found that BCT is
useful in that it removes the middle men and costs associated with
intermediaries and creates a history for every single product.

stories make every fishing or agriculture producers for example, traceable.

to the WWF this opens possibilities in niche markets like ethical trade

we are more empowered as citizens and as consumers, the better choices we can
make for our planet,” Mr Cook said.

form of democratized participation has a direct impact on sustainability and

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