New solar streetlights for Nailaga Village

The newly-installed solar streetlights at Nailaga Village. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

PEOPLE of Nailaga Village in Ba can now experience ease of movement at night after the Fiji Roads Authority installed 25 Solar streetlights.

FRA acting general manager Electrical Musheer Ilahi Khan said the FRA had invested in a system that collected and stored energy from the sun and used it to light up a section of its arterial road through Nailaga Village.

“Fiji is a new regional leader in the adaptation of sustainable energy solutions that helps protect and preserve the environment and due to the potential vulnerability to cyclones and the rise in sea levels, the Government of Fiji has adopted a prominent role in the Pacific Island initiatives to address climate change issues,” Mr Khan said.

He said the 25 Orca Vertex solar lighting system for Nailaga village had been designed in Australia utilising NASA’s solar insolation data for Fiji and customised to meet V5 street lighting standard.

Mr Khan said it was important each individual and every institution do their part in supporting energy solutions and the FRA was doing just that.

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