New political party launched in Cook Islands

Nandi Glassie. Picture: RNZ

The co-founder of a new political party in the Cook Islands says people are disillusioned with the current government.

On Saturday, the Cook Islands United Party was launched by the former Deputy Prime Minister, Teariki Heather, and the former Health Minister, Nandi Glassie.

The party has yet to confirm any policies or when and where it will stand candidates.

But Mr Glassie, who lost his seat in the July election as a candidate for the ruling Cook Islands Party, said his new party would meet a growing demand in the Cooks for polticial change.

Many people believe the government is not in touch with the common people, he said.

“There appears to be a very huge amount of time invested in big projects, international projects and investments,” Mr Glassie said.

“So people are saying that somewhere along the line, their voices are not being heard or there were issues they have raised that the government of the day is not paying too much attention [to].”

The party would also welcome more investment in the private sector, and could push for a new political model, Mr Glassie said.

“As a new party, we should be looking at what we call a paradigm shift, a shift from the system that we have been operating under over the last 53 years.”

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