New jerseys to boost John Wesley College’s campaign

JOHN Wesley Secondary School (JWSS) under-18 rugby team’s 2017 Coke Zero Deans campaign were boosted after receiving $4000 worth of jerseys and training kits from Beyond Limits Known (BLK) yesterday.

SWSS under-18 assistant manager Tavo Logavatu Sorovakatini said the new jerseys had brought some sort of new life in the team.

“It really gives life to the holistic education at Wesley College. And it’s a real big boost for the boys. This is the first time for a sponsor to come on board and to support the school,” Sorovakatini said.

He thanked BLK for sponsoring them and referred to it as a timely booster for them. BLK commercial and marketing director Liga Gukisuva said for them being there yesterday was to reward the players for their hard work throughout the 2017 season.

He said schools such as JWSS had been competing in the Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby Suva Zone competition for quite some time now.

“Being here today is to reward them for the hard work they had put in without any support. Not saying that we want to take away the glory.

“If they can perform the way they do without any support. One can only imagine what they can do tomorrow in the field,” Gukisuva said.

The jerseys had the symbol of “Superman” on its chest a concept according to Gukisuva it would motivate the players to do extraordinary things on field.

“The concept behind the super hero costume is to give them that super hero feeling. Every human being when they see a super hero logo they can relate to it.”

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