New format

A NEW format has been designed for the doubles snooker tournament at the South Seas Club on Sunday with an aim to give players an equal opportunity to test their skills.

The participants will be graded into A and B divisions and the names will be placed in two different pots. The partners will be picked by hand from each pot with an A Grade player teaming up with a B Grade player.

South Seas Club president Rahul Mohammed said the tournament was sponsored by their committee member Daven Prasad.

He said more than 20 teams were expected.

“During the singles events, the A Grade players have the upper hand with their superior knowledge and skills,” he said.

“So to make things interesting we decided to make it an even playing field. The partners will be chosen by chance. This way the calibre of the players will be tested.”

Nitesh Chand, Vinesh Prasad, Roneel Sami, Albert Maharaj and Philip Gock are the A Grade players while the likes of Nilesh Chand, Damodaran Gounder and Suresh Papi Singh will be grouped in the B Grade.

Matches will start at 11am.

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