New Fiji lawyers admitted to the Bar

Four of the 19 new law graduates of the University of Fiji during their swearing-in ceremony on Friday, August 24, 2018. Picture: SUPPLIED

NINETEEN new lawyers were admitted to the Bar this morning at the High Court in Suva.

While officiating at the swearing in ceremony for the new law graduates of the University of Fiji, Chief Justice Anthony Gates urged them to continue to strive with decency, dignity and honesty adding that their struggles had just begun.

“As lawyers, we must always remember our allegiance to the law, its philosophy and principles, not to causes. We must maintain that spine of uprightness, or professionalism. It is about discovering the power of basic law,” Justice Gates said.

“Cases of emotion must be tackled with thorough professionalism and knowledge of procedure, evidence, the rules and the legislation. Our role is to remain slightly aloof from the fray, for it is calm and steady heads that can achieve the success required,” he said.

Justice Gates also challenged the newly-sworn in legal practitioners to translate whatever they have learnt through the years of study into a practical commodity.

“Such a translation is essential if your knowledge is to help anyone and if you are to earn a necessary living from that knowledge. Remember too – for the moment it is knowledge, not experience,” Justice Gates advised.

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