New DPC for West

OUTGOING divisional police commander North Senior Superintendent of Police Verani Nakauyaca is the new DPC West.

SSP Nakauyaca, who is expected to hand over his leadership duties this week, has commended communities of the North for their support towards police work.

He said the support from communities and members of the community had eased work for him during his tenure as DPC North.

Describing his departure as the end of one career chapter and the beginning of a new one, SSP Nakauyaca said he would truly miss the Friendly North spirit because it was something genuine that he would never forget.

“I would also like to laud the support between the government departments in the North which enabled me and my men to carry out our work efficiently,” he said.

“The spirit of partnership between the community and government departments in the North is very evident especially in emergencies such as the recovery of the Cessna 172 wreckage and the two pilots.

“I would like to appeal to the people of the North to render the same support they showed me during my term here to the incoming DPC, SSP Waqa.”

Police chief operations officer ACP Maretino Qiolevu is expected to be in the North this week.

ACP Qiolevu said Mr Nakauyaca had been transferred to the West under a promotion.

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