New Caledonia government impasse a ‘farce’

One of New Caledonia’s leading anti-independence politicians Philippe Gomes says it is deplorable that a proper government is not in place just days before the French prime minister Edouard Philippe is due for an official visit.

Mr Philippe arrives on Saturday for a three-day stay as important decisions await the territory leading up to next year’s independence referendum.

Mr Gomes has told Caledonia TV it’s a farce to have gone 100 days without there being a government.

The ministers elected in August have failed on several occasions to choose a president, which annulled the process of forming a government.

In the meantime, New Caledonia is being run by the administration of the caretaker president Philippe Germain, who remains the only candidate for the top post.

The French High Commissioner skipped yesterday as a possible day for another attempt to elect a president.

However, there is continued speculation that the deadlock could be broken before Mr Philippe arrives.

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