New cafe to boost income generation for Natokowaqa women

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Women Dr Josefa Koroivueta opens the food warmer, part of the new cafeteria opened today on Natokowaqa, Lautoka. Siteri SAUVAKACOLO

The journey to ensuring ends meet daily for women  of Natokowaqa, Lautoka begins today following the launch of their new cafeteria.

The new business venture was launched by  Women’s Ministry permanent secretary Josefa Koroivueta earlier this morning.

The cafeteria located at the  Vuniotoloa Hall on Natokowaqa will be open to the public from Monday to Friday and sells food stuff prepared by women of the housing which is 5 minutes drive to Lautoka City.

Mr Koroivueta assured women that the  ministry is ready to support their initiative and any ministry function in Lautoka should be hosted by the women of Natokowaqa.

He also stressed on the importance of maintaining healthy foods on the cafeteria considering the rise in the number of NCD cases in Fiji.

Money earned will be distributed among women and to the main pool that supports the business.