New brand of fashion

The Vaka ne Rotuma project will be the new brand all fashion lovers will want to explore after its first fashion initiative hit the Suva City on Saturday.

Founded and pioneered by Rotuman fashion designer Hupfeld Hoerder, the show celebrated the Rotuman culture and talent.

“This is one great opportunity for us to give back to our vanua,” said Mr Hoerder.

“Our major objective is to fund for a boat to help service our island as accessibility to Rotuma can be very difficult.

“We would love to partner with a local boat company that could assist us with this initiative and offer efficient transportation accessibility to our people.”

Mr Hoerder said the event was also another way of getting the people together.

“We had David Tavanavanua who successfully debuted in the designers’ category,” he said.

“Each designers put together about 15 pieces, some showcasing the Rotuman culture and tradition which made it more exciting as many don’t really know what our traditional wear are in Rotuma.

“We also had auction prices where designers showcased their latest flair and the responses from the public was nothing but overwhelming.”

While optimism was the key faith to Mr Hoerder’s achievement, he hoped the yearly event will interest those who lived abroad too.

“We are calling on to all Rotumans in Fiji and abroad to support us with this new move,” he said.

“We plan to have future showcasing being done overseas so people of Rotuma living abroad can actually see and feel the importance of why we are doing this.”

The night’s event featured Rotuman designers from the likes of Moira Solvalu, Michael Mausio, Letila Mitchell, Aisea Konrote, Hupfeld Hoerder and newcomer Edward Tavanavanua.

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