New amenities for residents

FIELD Four residents in Lautoka will soon have access to amenities ratepayers enjoy, thanks to an initiative undertaken by Local Government Minister Parveen Kumar.

Responding to a query by former Lautoka Ratepayers and Residents Association president Maude Elbourne during a talanoa session in Natokowaqa on Wednesday, Mr Kumar said initial steps of establishing Field Four as a formal settlement had begun.

“Those residing in Field Four are in an informal settlement and do not have a lease,” said Mr Kumar.

“Two weeks ago, I signed an agreement with consultants after obtaining a development lease from TLTB to formalise that area.

“Our engineers are going to design the scope of works, roads, reticulation of water supply, electricity and the crossing in partnership with the Fiji Roads Authority.”

The crossing was a temporary bridge used by hundreds of children and workers on a daily basis.

Ms Elbourne raised concerns on behalf of Field Four residents and said that people in the community contributed a lot to Lautoka’s economy.

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