New aggregating device to boost fish stock

A NEWLY established fish aggregating device (FAD) deployed in the waters of Yadua, Bua will boost fish stock for more than 200 villagers on the island.

Officiating at the deployment of the FAD, a man-made reef system that attracts and forms fish colonies, Minister for Fisheries Semi Koroilavesau said the project was a success in Kadavu.

Mr Koroilavesau said people on the island could easily catch fish such as tuna through the device.

“The advantage of the device is that people do not have to go further out to sea to catch fish as they could be easily procured from the device,” he said.

Mr Koroilavesau said the beauty of the device was that it attracted small fish colonies which enticed bigger species of fishes.

“People do not have to go further out to sea to catch bigger fish only accessed in deep waters,” he added.

“Sliced fish is now commonly sold in Kadavu with people generating income thanks to the device.

“Our team will return to the island to teach villagers on how to fish using the device leaving them with fishing equipment.

“Having the device in your waters mean you do not have to spend money to purchase fuel for longer trips out to sea.”

Explaining to villagers how the device worked, senior fisheries officer Labasa, Kulinio Naivalu, said the device was made of a netting structure that supported planktons eaten by small fishes.

Mr Naivalu said the small fish would then attract bigger species of fish which would feed on them.

He told villagers on the island that the device was launched in deep waters where it worked best.

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