New age in smartboards

THERE is a smarter alternative for building homes, walls and floors, siding partition, flooring ceiling. They are called SmartBOARDs, brought exclusively by Vinod Patel in Fiji, is made of high quality fibre cement material.

Using SmartBOARD as a concept is gaining ground not only in the urban but also in sub-urban Fijian villages areas because it is water/moisture resistant, anti-decay, high impact resistant and termite-proof.

Advantage of firm and flex

technology in SmartBOARDs

The name of this technology derives inherently from its special properties of being firm as well as flexible.

High impact strength — The firm and flex technology makes the board(s) attain inherent strength, durability and elasticity combined altogether. The SCG SmartBOARD, is a state-of-the art composition of elephant (SCG) Portland cement, silica and special cellulose fiber VIA the autoclave process. It’s designed for ceilings, siding and flooring applications both internal and external usage.

Water resistant — Tested under JIS standard A5420, the smart fibre cement board is long lasting even in hot, humid and strong rainy weather.

Termite resistant — The Portland cement material makes the product termite resistance.

The smartBOARD is flexible and no water is needed for application where bending of a structure is required.

Lightweight — The material is not only light but fast and extremely easy to install. With only 30kg per square metres total weight of internal partition and faster installation. This provides flexibility of designs and durability of applications better than conventional systems.

Better heat resistance – With especially low heat conductivity compared to typical lightweight ceiling and wall material, the SCG SmartBOARD is an ideal material helping preventing heat coming from external environment, ultimately reducing energy consumption and responding to green designs.

Other benefits of SCG smart fibre cement board

Cost saving — The smartBOARD system reduces the overall load of the building hence saving incremental cost in steel/concrete and foundation in a typical building structural system. Additionally, this system is quickly becoming an alternative to traditional bricks/concrete blocks. By using SCG SmartBOARD system we can see faster deliveries of projects, hence savings due to early completion of projects.

Easy installation — The product is very easy to install and cleaner construction whereas skilled masons/ labour for building good quality masonry wall are becoming more expensive and difficult to find day by day. The surface is very versatile and can take the following finishes/ cladding materials directly on the natural surface ie: paints, wallpaper, veneers, laminates, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, natural stones etc.

Environment friendly — It’s an environment friendly/ green product and as per standard BS2750 the material is sound resistant as well.

For more information about SSG smartBOARD brought exclusively by Vinod Patel visit any of their stores in Fiji for truly building next generation homes and buildings.

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