New access roads promised to Navunisole farmers

Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy with a yaqona farmer inspects the farm at Navunisole. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

FARMERS in Navunisole Village in Tailevu will soon have better access to farm and market after the construction of 1.5km of farm road.

Minister for Agriculture Dr Mahendra Reddy made this assurance during an informal Talanoa session with Navunisole farmers earlier this week.

“Construction of more farm roads for the farmers will not only give them better access to their farms but it will also motivate them to increase the production at the farm level,” Mr Reddy was quoted saying in a Government statement.

He said improvements in rural roads were expected to generate new opportunities to earn income leading to the growth of the country’s economy through agricultural development.

“The benefits of new farm access road will lead to greater mobility and greater market access for the farmers as this is linked to changes in income-generation sources, as road improvement enhances off-farm employment opportunities, especially for villagers in rural areas which will reduce the growth of poverty.”

Village headman Joeli Kalounivalu said the new farm road would allow farmers to have better access to the market.

“We are thankful to the minister for his visit here in Navunisole Village today as he has assured us that the construction of the farm road will be done in three weeks’ time,” Mr Kalounivalu said.

“There has been a huge area of land which is not utilized as there is no access and upon the construction of the farm road, approximately 200 acres of land will be used for agricultural farming. The transportation of agricultural produce from the farm to the market is a constraint faced by farmers from the village.”

At present,  about 15 acres of land is used for yaqona and dalo farming by 15 farmers who are using horses as means of transportation to take their produce to the market.

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