Never lose sight of God

Youths and children were reminded not to lose sight of their relationship with God during the opening of the new church. Picture: JONA KONATAC

Youths and young children of Navuniyaro Village in Lutu, Naitasiri, were reminded to never lose sight of their relationship with God.

They were reminded by the Methodist Church in Fiji president, Reverend Ili Vunisuwai, during the opening of the Navuniyaro Methodist Church last month.

The youths and children of Navuniyaro were part of the construction and finishing works carried out on the new church that is situated in the centre of the village.

“This is where God and people connect,” Mr Vunisuwai said. “Our relationship with God is important.”

He said a recent research he read showed that children who were in primary and secondary school had a strong faith in God, but when they reached university level, about 80 per cent had lost their faith in God.

“When you leave school, your faith in God will be challenged and I hope that you will maintain that faith until you reach tertiary and later in life.

“Some of you (youths and children) might be asked if there is a God or to provide proof of his existence.

“No matter the type of learning we might receive or how deep it might be, there is something that cannot be changed and that is the word of God.

“Our faith in God is where we draw closer to God.”

He reminded the children of Navuniyaro to be steadfast in their faith.

He hopes the new church will build a strong relationship between the young people of Navuniyaro and God, as it will be a place of worship for the villagers for many years.

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