Network upgrade

VODAFONE Fiji Ltd over the next few months will conduct trials for the Pre5G or next generation wireless connectivity, a first for Fiji and the Pacific.

The company last Thursday launched its upgraded networks which would bridge the existing 4G plus network towards 5G in the near future.

This extends and evolves to another level of speed and enhanced mobile features from the existing 4G plus network.

Vodafone Fiji deputy chairperson Russell Hewitt said the Pre5G trial was the first step forward in their network modernisation process, which led the way to 5G and yet more applications being available to customers in Fiji.

“Pre5G trials have been carried out by a few selected organisations in highly-developed spheres and for us to be able to simultaneously set out trials for the latest mobile network is a terrific achievement for Fiji on the global stage of mobile communications,” he said

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