Need to keep telephones clean

MOST people spend more time in the office than they do at home so practising similar hygiene should not be a problem.

It’s important to pay attention to hygiene to prevent catching or spreading illness at the workplace.

Employers could take steps to help reduce the risk of germ transmission, but it takes effort on the part of employees as well.

Website reports it’s no secret that the telephone unit sitting on your desk is a hot spot for bacteria.

“Not only is it sitting on the office desk which is one of the dirtiest places in the office, the telephone also gets bacteria from the hands that use it,” reports the website.

“Add to that, the germs transferred from the mouth of the user and you have one of the dirtiest pieces of equipment in your office. Cleaning the office phone regularly will lessen the germs that live in it. So here is how you clean your office phone properly.”

Wipe it down

The first step to cleaning is wiping the body of the phone with a clean cloth that has been dampened with a mild cleaner. Wipe down the whole unit and underneath it on the surface of the desk. Also wipe down the wires and cables. It’s important to have a cleaner, as a clean cloth only will not be very effective. Be sure to get into every corner of your telephone so there will be no hiding spots for germs.

Antibacterial wipes

For surfaces that are in contact with users, use an antibacterial wipe. The ear, mouth piece and the keypad require special attention as they have the most concentration of bacteria on the telephone. Wipe them down carefully ensuring you don’t miss any spots. Using wipes rather than a cloth dampened by a cleaner reduces the risk that excess cleaning liquid could seep into the delicate electronics within the telephone. If you don’t have antibacterial wipes, you can use a soft tissue and alcohol. Be sure to have just enough alcohol on your tissue so that it’s not so saturated that the alcohol ends up dripping off it. Alcohol evaporates quickly which reduces the risk that it can damage the sensitive electronics within the telephone. Keeping your office telephone clean and germ-free is a sign of good hygiene. It will also help keep you healthy and have less sick days. Your office telephone is just the start though. Once you get into the habit of cleaning it, you will start keeping the other parts of your cubicle clean too. So start the habit now and see how much it will change you for the better.

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