‘Need for people to come forward, lodge complaint’

Citizen’s Constitutional Forum CEO Louchrisha Hussain. Picture: FILE

People who feel their rights have been violated in any way, shape or form need to come forward and lodge a complaint, says Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) chief executive officer Louchrisha Hussain.

She said this in an interview with this newspaper recently.

“We see it very rife on social media,” Ms Hussain said.

“We have in the past made complaints to the Online Safety Commission but we were advised that those affected by these comments must come forward to make the official complaint.

“We would love to go and speak up for those that cannot, but at the end of the day it needs to come from those that are affected by it.”

She said the Fiji Human Rights Anti-Discrimination Commission and, if it’s an online matter, the Online Safety Commission were there to handle rights-based complaints.

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