Need for initiatives in assisting women:TISI

Update: 5:46PM THERE are women who know their rights and responsibilities but still think that if they tell their story, they would be victimised more.

These were
the sentiments shared by executive coordinator of the Pacific Rainbows Advocacy
Network Bonita Qio during consultations with women in Lautoka last week.

“We still
find that marginalised women are taking their pain into themselves and hurting
themselves,” she said.

“We don’t
have the Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission or the Fiji
Women?s Crisis Centre here in Lautoka.”

limits our access to information and access to services and justice especially
for the LGBT community. So, their empowerment is vital (so they can tell their

Also Vice
President of the TISI Mother’s Sangam Lomolomo Shakuntla Permal said there was
a need for people to take initiatives in assisting women.

“So, there
must be awareness programmes in the community and community leaders must hold
meetings for the outreach for all to know their rights,” she said.

continued a series of consultation  in collaboration with the Fiji Women’s
Rights Movement’s Access to Justice programme supported by the European Union.

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