NDMO to carry out damage report

THERE will only be one damage assessment report for all three natural disasters that affected the country in the past few days.

National Disaster Management Office director Anare Leweniqila said this was because Tropical Cyclone Josie, Tropical Depression TD13F and Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni all affected the country one after the other.

He said the damage assessment for affected areas would be done all at once.

“Because the events are one after the other, it is very difficult to do the damage assessment for Tropical Cyclone Josie. We have advised the Prime Minister to do it after Keni because if otherwise we would double count in a lot of the areas for damage assessment,” he said.

“So the damage will be the same area, it will be the same farmer so it will be good for us to do it all at one time because it was just continuous from Josie, TD13 and the one we experienced now (Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni).”

Meanwhile, as of midday yesterday, the NDMO recorded 12,394 evacuees at 208 evacuation centres still active in the Western Division.

In the Eastern Division, there 46 evacuation centres with 1304 evacuees. The Central Division had 19 evacuation centres with 668 evacuees and in the Northern Division had 12 evacuation centres with 674 evacuees.

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