NDMO advises on weather

members of the public have been advised to exercise caution and be alert as more rain and wet conditions are expected before and into this Easter weekend.

National Disaster Management Office said heavy rain alert may result in flooding of low-lying areas.

In a statement, NDMO said as a precautionary and standard disaster readiness practice, members of the public should know their emergency contacts, know their nearest evacuation centre, and prepare an emergency kit should the need of evacuation arise.

Road travellers during this Easter week have also been advised to exercise caution as heavy rain may cause flooding and poor visibility on roads.

“Motorists are advised to refrain from driving through flooded roads as depth and strength of floodwaters would be difficult to determine.

“Similarly, mariners, particularly small fishing boats and small fiberglass boats, should heed strong wind advice and refrain from travelling out on rough seas.

“While families might want to enjoy and celebrate Easter long weekend with loved ones, safety and preservation of lives must be a priority,” the statement said.

Members of the public are also advised to follow weather updates through the radio and official social media accounts.

In the event of a flood, members of the public should take heed of the following advice:

* Refrain from walking through floodwaters;

* Practise caution when travelling along hillsides or landslide – prone areas;

* Parents and teachers are to ensure that infants and children do not play in flooded areas, drains, rivers, and other waterways; and

* Stay informed for regular updates on all media for further alerts or advisories from authorities.

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