Nawaka 7s: Top seeds qualify for elimination round

Action from the Nawaka 7s tournament held at Prince Charles Park in Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Top seeds Police White, Raiwasa Taveuni, Police White, Warden, Westfield and Fire Suva have qualified for the elimination round of the cup competition at the 33rd Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s tournament at Prince Charles Park in Nadi.

All these teams topped their respective pools with three wins each.

Visitors Canterbury Fijians with former Fiji 7s reps Sakenasa Aca and Emosi Vucago also impressed recording two wins and a draw.

Day two kicks off tomorrow with Under-20 category at 9am.

Apart from watching the action packed tournament, spectators will get a chance to win 10 consolation prizes.

Full Pool Results:

Police Blue 26-0 Rt Filise Yellow

Lomawai 12-14 Nabouwalu Selections

Freshet Navy 17-12 Nabau Highlanders

Raiwasa Taveuni 17-5 Hydro

Westfield 24-0 Mosi

Wailevu Blacks 14-21 Fire West

Army Red 10-14 Veilomani Combo

Nasikawa 7-17 Tabalei

Wardens 33-0 Tagimoucia

Men Delta 10-33 BNK Brothers

Blue Diamond 14-13 Nawaka White

Toge Young Boys 5-0 Malawai Babas

Vuda Green 12-5 Shangri La Fijian

Seniboro Blues 0-5 TF Army Tu Vakarau

Lami Cavaliers 19-0 Koroine

Saunaka 12-19 Buinivai

Uluinakau 14-19 Police White

Nasivikoso Saints 5-17 GPS Gallopers

Nawaka Black 10-19 Canterbury Fijian

Indulgence Vavalagi 33-0 Gateway Eagles

Tabadamu 31-12 Army Green

Bau 0-7 Tovolea

Rt Filise Blue 12-0 Sharks

Red Rock 12-27 Fire Suva

Ratu Filise Yellow 7-14 Nabouwalu Selections

Police Blue 36-0 Lomawai

Nabau Highlanders 0-24 Hydro

Freshet Navy 12-28 Raiwasa Taveuni

Mosi 14-12 Fire West

Westfield 28-0 Wailevu Blacks

Veilomani Combo 17-12 Tabalei

Army Red 14-12 Nasikawa

Tagimoucia 5-14 BNK Brothers

Wardens 44-0 Men Delta

Nawaka White 5-12 Malawai Babas

Blue Diamond 29-0 Toge Young Boys

Shangri La Fijian 7-0 TF Tu Army Vakarau

Vuda Green 0-19 Seniboro Blues

Koroine 7-28 Buinivai

Lami Cavaliers 28-19 Saunaka

Police White 19-0 GPS Gallopers

Uluinakau 19-0 Nasivikoso Saints

Nawaka Black 14-17 Indulgence Vavalagi

Canterbury Fijians 36-0 Gateway Eagles

Army Green 5-5 Tovolea

Tabadamu 40-7 Bau

Sharks 10-14 Fire Suva

Ratu Filise Blue 21-7 Red Rock

Nabouwalu Selection 5-35 Police Blue

Rt Filise Yellow 33-0 Lomawai

Hydro 19-12 Freshet Navy

Nabau Highlanders 0-38 Raiwasa Taveuni

Fire West 12-14 Westfield

Mosi 5-14 Wailevu Blacks

Tabalei 7-0 Army Red

Veilomani Combo 38-0 Nasikawa

BNK Brothers 12-15 Wardens

Tagimoucia 5-17 Men Delta

Malawai Babas 7-15 Blue Diamond

Nawaka White 36-0 Toge Young Boys

Army Tu Vakarau 21-5 Vuda Green

Shangri La Fijian 17-7 Seniboro Blues

Bunivai 14-7 Army Cavaliers

Koroine 0-28 Saunaka

GPS Gallopers 5-36 Uluinakau

Police White 17-7 Nasivikoso Saints

Nawaka Black 43-7 Gateway Eagles

Canterbury Fijian 7-7 Indulgence Vavalagi

Tovolea 0-38 Tabadamu

Army Green 24-0 Bau

Fire Suva 12-0 Ratu Filise Blue

Sharks 12-0 Red Rock.

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