Navosa back in the fold

A Cuvu College U18 player attacks against Ba Pro in their clash in the Deans Trophy competition at Lawaqa Park yesterday. Picture:ATU RASEA

Navosa Central College has returned to the Vodafone Deans Trophy competition after a span of five years.

It beat Nadroga Arya College 19-5 in the under-16 grade at Lawaqa Park yesterday in Sigatoka.

The young men from the highlands of Navosa displayed an impressive performance where 16 of the 27-member squad are 14 and 15 and coach Pena Yadreyalewa said he was proud of his players.

“I am very proud of the performance against Nadroga Arya today( yesterday),” said Yadreyalewa.

“The players really dug deep to come out with a win as we never expected it.

“We are returning to the competition after five years and some of these players are playing in the Deans competition for the first time since leaving primary school.

“It is our third game and we have been learning a lot from this year’s competition so far. This year our aim is to expose these players to good, quality competition and the win here is an added bonus for us.”

Yadreyalewa said the players had been balancing school work and training well as the school is focused on the holistic development of its pupils.

“I have been amazed with their ability to balance school work and rugby and preparations have been good so far.

“We will take things one step at a time and I commend them for their hardwork.”

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