Naval base move plan

THE decision to relocate the naval base to Togalevu, outside Lami Town, still remains.

Navy Commander Captain Humphrey Tawake confirmed they were in the process of finalising paperwork before work on the relocation begins.

Former Navy Commander John Fox earlier said they were looking for a better place for their ships because their vessels were berthed horizontally.

Capt Tawake said plans for the relocation were in progress and there were some due processes that needed to be followed first.

“There are a lot of technical issues that we have to deal with especially with the geo-tech and the environment impact assessment. Added to that is the land that we are trying to acquire,” he said.

“The move from here will happen but given there are certain criteria that we have and given the time that we have plus the requirements of the landowners which has been worked out.”

Capt Tawake confirmed there were no issues faced with landowners as the land they had acquired at Togalevu apparently belonged to the Fiji Navy.

But, he said it was just a portion of the land that they had to formalise.

“With that base, it will be a more modern naval base. It will have all the facilities that we require for our headquarters and for our training base.

“We will also have some accommodation for the sailors. That is the big change and finding a suitable place for the berthing of our ships and having the technical support of facilities that are able to support the ships and the requirements that are being bestowed upon us by government,” he said.

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