Nausori team set for Wairiki 7s

The Rara Blues rugby team. Picture: SUPPLIED

After their performance in the Nausori Super 5 Rugby 10s tournament last week, the Rara Blues team will now focus on the Fiji Bitter Wairiki 7s next week.

The team now goes with a new name called Nausori 7s team will filter in an under-18 and U21 team.

Manager Ilaitia Bakani said this was to expose players.

“After the 10s tournament last weekend, there was no other competition available so we decided to take these boys to take part in the Wairiki 7s.

“We train every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Nausori and on Tuesday and Thursday we train with the Seahawks women’s team.

“We are grateful to Elenoa Kunatuba for helping us and this is also a way that we support women in rugby.

“To have a fair training field since the men always dominate the sport, we want to change that so we are here joining our sisters for training and also to work out on our game plan.”

Bakani said their players had the talent and with this kind of opportunity it will help this young players develop themselves not only on the field but out of the field as well.

“We just want to expose these boys and try to get them out of criminal activities.

“The area we live in is classified as a red zone because there are always a lot of criminal activities happening there.

We want to stop that so this is how we are helping our youngsters.”

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