Nausori runway sealant works continue

Update: 4:33PM THE sealant works and supersealing on the Nausori airport runaway is continuing by the contractor for the Airports Fiji Limited, Erasito Beca.

And AFL is advising members of the public that works are being carried out at night under the supervision of Erasito Beca.

At the same time Erasito Beca is undertaking testing of the sealant product.

It said that it would not be able to comment on when the remedial works would be completed but they were hopeful works would be completed as soon as possible so they were in a position to recommence B737 flight operations out of Nausori. 

All other flights for ATRs and smaller aircraft continues as normal out of Nausori.

The primary objective for AFL is to ensure that safety is not compromised.

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