Nauru’s new police brass band performs for Pacific Leaders, set up by retired Fijian police officers

04 SEPTEMBER 2018 (PACNEWS) – For the first time in Nauru, the local Police Force has set up a Brass Band with the help of two retired Fijian Police officers recruited to prepare the band in time for the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting.

Former director of the Fiji Police Band, Sakiusa Tikotani and Ciri Delana have been in Nauru since April to put together the 22 member brass band that performed for the second time Monday at the flag raising ceremony to kick-off the weeklong Summit of Pacific Leaders.

Speaking to PACNEWS, Tikotani acknowledged the support of the Nauru Police Commissioner, Corey Caleb for his confidence in recruiting the two retired Police officers from Fiji.

“I retired in 2016 and I am grateful that my experience and skill has been put to good use here in Nauru to support the local Police Force.

“We were only given less than six months to work with 22 Police officers and the’ve done very well. Our first performance was during the Police Commissioners conference last month.

Tikotani said it’s great to see that Fiji Police Force is assisting other countries in the Pacific with their policing work and is an example of how effective regional co-operation can work between Pacific Island Countries.

Retired New Zealand Band Master, Gary Bunk, who has also lent his services to the Nauru Police Band was full of praises for the two Fijian police officers.

“I couldn’t believe that they were able to put together a professional Police Brass band in less than six months. Great job by Tikotani and Delana to set up the band from nothing to now a fully-fledged band.

“Previously, Australia and New Zealand would provide this kind of assistance but it’s great to see that Fijians are able to do this for other Pacific Island countries, said Bunk.

The brass band will be performing at key functions during the 49th Pacific Islands Leaders Forum this week

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