Nauru reiterates call for Taiwan to join the United Nations

Nauru President Baron Waqa.

NEW YORK, 27 SEPTEMBER 2018 (PACNEWS) – The President of Nauru has used his statement at the United Nations in New York to reiterate his government’s call for the inclusion of Taiwan into the world body.

In line with the theme of the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly of “Making the United Nations relevant to all people”, President Baron Waqa urged world leaders to be inclusive and consider Taiwan’s interest to join the 193-member nation organisation.

“The people of Taiwan should be treated equally to those of other nations. The UN should resolve the serious issue of Taiwan’s 23 million people being excluded from the UN system, he said.

“The preamble of the UN Charter clearly states that the organisation’s mission is to, “reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.”

At the same time, President Waqa warned against other major powers that are disruptive and disrespectful of the Pacific.

“However, there are those who have their own agendas for their own interests and benefits and it is most unfortunate when they impose their will and arrogance on the Pacific people.

“Those who disrespect the conduct and the will of Pacific Leaders must understand that they will be disregarded. The Pacific Islands Forum is a forum for the Pacific people and it is imperative that this is understood and respected, he warned.

President Waqa was referring to an incident at the just concluded 49th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting he hosted in Nauru where a Chinese diplomat disrupted the Leaders dialogue session and shouted at the chair before walking out.

Speaking to journalists after the incident, the Nauru leader, who is also the chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum, said the Pacific will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and demanded respect from donors and development partners working in the Pacific region.

President Waqa told the gathering of world leaders in New York that the UN needs to address the most urgent global challenges – which include the security implications of climate change.

“I would like to reiterate the call I made in July at the UN Security Council for the appointment of a Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Climate and Security. We are already seeing dangerous impacts on our countries and communities, with the most vulnerable among us bearing the greatest burden. A Special Representative, supported by a well-resourced staff, is needed to help us start managing climate risks more effectively. There is a critical gap in the UN system that must be filled immediately, said President Waqa.

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