Nauru primary students educational trip to Fiji

Nauru Primary School students with the Veiuto Primary School students during their visit to Veiuto Primary School last week. Picture: SUPPLIED

TWENTY-FOUR students from the Nauru Primary School had their first educational trip to Fiji last week to learn and explore the geographical landscape of the country as part of their social science lesson.

School teacher Meresiana Waqanidrola said the purpose behind the trip was to allow students to witness what they had learnt from their school lessons.

“They studied geography, climate, weather patterns, the flora and fauna and the marine life because Fiji has more vegetation compared to Nauru.

“Reason being is that Viti Levu is a volcanic island — it will have rich and fertile soil which enables crops to grow while Nauru is coral atoll, it is not able to grow crops at all.”

She said the idea for an educational trip to Fiji, came about two years ago after having coffee with some teachers.

According to Mrs Waqanidrola, it was the first time for some of the students to board a plane.

“We started consulting parents way back in April and then that’s where we came up with the budget and started liaising with things back at home regarding accommodation, transportation and we even engaged a liaising officer here to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

“When the plane landed, they started seeing mountains, they started seeing the rivers, there were lots of questions. For most of them, this is their first time on the plane and even the parents — some of them are here for the first time so it is very exciting for them,” she said.

The students were accompanied by eight teachers and twelve parents during the trip.

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