Naughty Girl wins

Timoci Belo leads the 250 metres race during the Fiji Times sponsored Sabeto Race at Nadi yesterday. Picture: RAMA

MAMA’S Pizza Open 250 metres event champion Naughty Girl proved to other stallion competitors that female horses can be better than the males in racing.

All the way from Nawaicoba in the interior of Nadi, Naughty Girl’s owner Shivneel Singh said his horse was another inclusion to his properties named Naughty.

“I have a minibus named Naughty Boy, a taxi branded Naughty Fella and now a female horse called Naughty Girl, who outran nine Stallions to claim the first position of the event,” said Singh.

“The other reason I named her Naughty Girl was because she fights with the male horses that interrupts her privacy and she’s fast when she races with the other stallions up the hill when they were preparing for the race and I’m really proud of her and her achievements.”

Meanwhile in the Legend FM Open 250 metres event Volcano, owned by Amlesh Singh scooped the first place, Shiva in second place and Almondo at third place.

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