National traffic operations

Police chief operations offi cer ACP Maretino Qiolevu says a nationwide traffi c operation was currently in progress. Picture: FILE

A HIGH number of fatal road accidents are often recorded in the month of December, the Fiji Police Force has noted.

This was stated by chief operations officer Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Maretino Qiolevu who said a nationwide traffic operation was currently in progress.

“The road death toll currently stands at 65 compared with 61 for the same period last year and with eight lives lost during the month of December in 2017, all efforts are being made to avoid further loss of lives,” ACP Qiolevu said.

ACP Qiolevu said the Western Division was a major area of concern because it recorded the highest number of fatalities with 40 of the 65 deaths recorded so far.

“Further analysis of the fatal trend shows majority are recorded towards the end of the week and the failure to get adequate rest which is often underestimated has also contributed to four fatal accidents this year,” he said.

He said with the festive season approaching, there would be numerous social gatherings likely to involve the consumption of alcohol.

“With 15 deaths linked to drink-driving already this year, we are concerned that the warnings about the dangers of drink driving is not being taken seriously as we continue to arrest drivers daily for driving under the influence of alcohol,” he said.

ACP Qiolevu said with speeding continuing to be the highest contributor to road fatalities, it resulted in the 32 of the 65 lives that were lost.

“Traffic operations will be boosted by officers conducting routine operations during the festive season operations which will run until the mid-January.”

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