National Swimming Championship: New records set

Action from the Fiji National Schools Swimming Championship at the Damodar City Aquatic Centre in Laucala Bay, Suva today. Picture: RAMA

THE 2018 Fiji National Schools’ Swimming Championship started well on the first day despite the adverse weather.
Association president Partrick Bower said despite heavy down pour today, the swimmers started well with more than 800 swimmers from around the country.

“The small glitches were bound to happen, but we had a good start,” he said.

The competition ends tomorrow.

*Some records broken today:

Female U12 Backstroke
Previous record: Lice Maivusaroko (NCCS)– 44.05 set in 2015
New record: Faith Tudreu (ISNS) 40.33

Female U13 Backstroke
Previous record: Sylvia Nasario (SJSS)- 36.83 set in 2013
New record: Ofa Lgonilakeba (NHS)- 35.40

Female U14 Freestyle
Previous record: Adi Kinisimere Naivalu (SGS)- 33.06 set in 2013
New record: Jodie-Ana Puamau (YSS)- 32.25

Female U15
Previous record: Tiarana Mitchell (JNC)- 5:23.27 set in 2014
New record: Rosemarie Rova (SVC)- 4:51.20

Female U16 Breaststroke
Previous record:  Matelita Buadromo (YSS)- 1.21.47 set in 2012
New Record:  Moana Wind (SJSS)-  1:15.92

Male U9- Breaststroke
Previous record: Tom Landrey (ISS)- 47.60 set in 2017
New record: Zion Waqainabete (ISNS)- 35.77

Male U12 – Breaststroke
Previous record:  Colin B Volavola (SCCHS)- 41.63 set in 2012
New record: Tabbai Soko (ISS)- 40.50

Male U14 Freestyle
Previous record:  Calum Lobendahn (MBHS)- 5:12.66 set in 2015
New record: Hefu Erasito (MBHS)- 4:42.34

Male U14
Previous record: Netani Ross (SVC)- 31.37 set in 2015
New record: Hansel McCaig (NHS)- 30.43

Male U15- Freestyle
Previous record: Calum Lobendahn (MBHS)- 5:09.87
New record: Wilson Erasito (SVC)- 4:48.65

Male U16- Freestyle
Previous record: Taichi Vakasama (SVC)- 4:31.97 set in 2016
New record: Temafa Yalimaiwai (MBHS) 4:26.30

Male U16- Butterfly
Previous record: Rhys Cheer (SVC)- 2:38.17 set in 2017
New record: Temafa Yalimaiwai (MBHS) 2:12.61

Male U17- 100 breaststroke
Previous record: Josh Marr (NMC)- 1:17.50 set in 2012
New record: Taichi Vakasama (SVC)- 1:07.37

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