National Farmers Union president in police custody

NATIONAL Farmers Union president Surendra Lal is in police custody.

Mr Lal was taken in by police last night and has been kept at the Labasa Police Station.

Police has not issued any comments regarding the arrest.

But NFU general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry confirmed that Labasa police have taken Surendra for questioning, alleging he is inciting farmers not to harvest.

“This is sheer bullying and intimidation,” he said.

“NFU will not be deterred by such dirty tactics from fighting for the legitimate rights of cane farmers.

“We call on the police to immediately cease such harassment of union officials.

“The union will write to the EU, ILO and the international trade union movement drawing its attention to the violation of the human rights of farmers and their unions.”

Meanwhile the Fiji Times team visited his house this morningĀ  and his wife Kusum Lal confirmed her husband was still in custody.

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