National biscuit day celebrations

FMF Events supervisor Koli Vuacati with the longest biscuit baked at the factory during the biscuit day celebration yesterday. Picture: RAMA

TODAY was national biscuit day was celebrated at FMF Foods Limited in Walu Bay, Suva this morning.
This annual event is celebrated worldwide.
FMF Foods Limited baked a massive FMF breakfast cracker measuring 4m by 0.95m as part of celebrations.
Operations Manager Ritesh Nandan said it was a unique way to acknowledged Fiji’s iconic and favorite biscuit
“It was an exciting time for my team and I to create this breakfast cracker, we have achieved the same delicious taste but in a much bigger way,” he said.
The FMF breakfast cracker started in 1991 with initial production of the iconic 375g packet and FMF Foods Ltd thanks all Fijians for making it part of their daily lives.
The company was founded in 1973 and its now the nation’s largest food conglomerate with six subsidiary companies under its fold; Biscuit Company of Fiji Ltd, FMF Snax Limited, Pea Industries Ltd, Rice Company of Fiji Ltd, DHF Ltd and AtPack.

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