Nation marks release of peacekeepers

A THANKSGIVING day for the release of our 45 Fijian peacekeepers was celebrated around the country yesterday.

In the Central Division, the event was held at ANZ Stadium in Suva.

The Lautoka City Council also joined the rest of the nation to lend a hand in organising a thanksgiving ceremony for the release of Fijian peacekeepers.

In the North, the Commissioner Northern’s office celebrated the release of these soldiers who were held captive by the al-Nusra in Syria. They were on watch near the border.

More than 4000 people from various denominations packed the ANZ Stadium pavilion to observe the event and celebrate the life of the 45 soldiers.

A family member of the 45 soldiers, Taitusi Savutila, who spoke on behalf of the families, thanked all the respective church leaders for their prayers and tireless efforts in praying for the soldiers.

He said God never failed to wipe away the thousands of tears that cried and prayed for the safe return of these soldiers and this assisted in their safe return from captivity.