Natadola to host series opener for surfers

THE pristine Natadola beach and its surroundings continue to be a major attraction in sports.

Tomorrow, following the success of the Fiji International golf, surfers meet at Natadola for competition.

With the partnership of Jack’s of Fiji, Fiji Surfing Association under Rip Curl Brand stage the Rip Curl Micro Grommet Series 2016. It starts tomorrow at Natadola. The competition times will also depend on tide and swell conditions.

The second round will be on November 5 at Swimming Pools, Namotu Island. This is the first time this style of event has been held in Fiji .

“The series is designed to offer a new experience for younger male and female surfers or grommets to get more involved in the sport of surfing. There are 55 confirmed participants, half of them are girls,” FSA head coach, Ian Portingale said.

“This event is held by Rip Curl all over the world, but is known as Rip Curl Grommet Series where non-professional surfers are given the chance to compete in a professional environment and then develop competing professionally in the future.

“The Fiji series is catering for even younger surfers (grommets) which brings a professional style event to them.

“Our aim in Fiji is to increase the interest of young people for surfing and to then develop that talent even further.

“After the second round the Fiji Surfing Association will announce a Fiji development squad and a high performance squad that will receive more technical training, fitness components and more support,” he said.

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