Nasomo landowners receive royalty fair share

Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Jone Usamate ready to handout a cheque to a Nasomo landowner. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJI GOVT

Landowners of Nasomo in Vatukoula today received $66,665 as mineral royalty fair share for gold and silver mined from beneath Nasomo land for the period December 2019 to February 2020.

Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Jone Usamate today officiated at the 7th payout of mineral royalty fair share and he urged landowners to manage and utilise their funds wisely.

“I am greatly encouraged by the decision made by Trust members to contribute a portion of their funds to the Nasomo Community Development Fund. I urge the Trust to utilise this fund transparently for community development that will bring in tangible benefits for the current and future generation of Nasomo,” Mr Usamate said.

He said the Government would continue to work with the landowners and ensure they got their share of royalties.

He also stressed the need for Fijians to look out for each other, especially during this difficult time when some have been without work for quite a while.

“We are living in unprecedented times as the impact of COVID-19 continues to decimate the global economy.

“In Fiji, such impacts have been further exacerbated by TC Harold, which wreaked havoc across the country coupled with the prolonged wet spell that has severely affected our economy.

“We must all unite in this fight against COVID-19 and play our part in helping with the Government’s efforts to rehabilitate and rebuild our economy. The path to recovery will not be easy but I am confident that with our resilience and perseverance which Fijians are known for, we will get there together.

“Today’s event is also a reflection of your Government’s foresight in ensuring continuous socio-economic empowerment of landowners and landowning units who contribute to national economic development by supporting mineral development projects undertaken on their land.”

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