Nasinu Teachers College graduate reminisces on campus life

Sindh Prasad (middle) with her colleagues at FNU Nasinu Campus during the Nasinu Teachers College alumni event last weekend. Picture: SUPPLIED

IT was an emotional moment for Sindh Prasad, a former graduate of Nasinu Teachers College (NTC) to finally meet her colleague’s in-person after almost 40 years.

Ms Prasad travelled from Brisbane, Australia, to be part of the Nasinu Teachers College Alumni 70s Reunion held at the Fiji National University’s (FNU) Nasinu Campus.

“We have been coordinating this trip for a couple of months now and it is so great to meet up with the girls I spent my college days with,” she said.

“It was awesome touring the FNU Nasinu Campus and looking back at some of the places that will always be there in our minds, which have special stories behind it.”

Originally from Sabeto, Nadi, Ms Prasad said although her friends kept in touch through social media and phone, it was difficult for them all to meet at any certain time, hence the alumni opted to stay on campus for this event.

“We all have commitments and it becomes hard to organise a gathering where we all can meet up and reminisce the old days or even just have a meal together like our dorm days.

“This one-day stay with the colleagues at the dorms has been special and I feel I have re-lived the campus life.

“It felt as if it was just yesterday that we were at this campus studying and having the best days of our lives.”

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