Nasinu Kaji Rugby: Delainamasi, Nabua books spot in the final

The Under 13 CMF and Delainamasi after the game. Picture: RAMA

DELAINAMASI Government School (DHS) and Nabua Primary School (NPS) have both confirmed their places in the final of the Under 9 grade in theĀ  Vodafone Nasinu Kaji Rugby Competition later today.

DGS defeated Bishop Kempthorn School 14-0 in their semi final match while NPS defeated Nasinu Gospel Primary School (NGPS) by one goal kick.

NPS and NGPS were scoreless at full time and the match was decided through goal kicks with both schools putting forward their best three kickers.

NPS won 3-2 with NGPS missing a kick.

Vodafone Nasinu Kaji Rugby Competition media spokesperson, Semi Naionini said the level of competition has improved this year in all grades.

The competition will have semi finals and finals in all grades today.

The names of players representing Nasinu to the Vodafone Kaji Rugby Division Competition will also be announced today.

Other semi finals:

Under 10

DGS vs CMF Primary


Under 11

CMF Primary vs DGS

MGM Primary vs NGPS

Under 12

LDS Primary vs DGS

Kalabu Primary vs NGPS

Under 13


Kalabu Primary vs NPS

Under 14

Tacirua Primary vs CMF


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