Narrow escape for travellers

Rohit Gosai shows a piece of rock that shattered the window of the bus he was driving. Picture: FELIX CHAUDHARY

PASSENGERS travelling by a Pacific Transport Ltd bus had a narrow escape after a rock thrown at the coach shattered a window on Tuesday night.

The driver Rohit Harikissun Gosai said the incident happened about 9.45pm near the Nadi International Airport.

“I just thank God that no one was sitting at the window otherwise they would have got seriously hurt,” he said.

The bus had departed Suva at 5.30pm and as it slowed down to turn towards the Nadi International Airport something struck the left side of the bus.

“One of the passengers said he heard something and for some reason the window didn’t break when the stone smashed through the glass. “I stopped at the airport and looked around but couldn’t see anything but as soon I entered the bus, there was a cracking sound and the whole glass fell in.”

Mr Gosai reported the matter at the Namaka Police Station in Nadi yesterday morning.

General manager West for Pacific Transport Ltd Jaswant Kumar said apart from the fact that someone could have been seriously injured, there was also the huge cost to the company.

“We have been investing in brand new buses to give our passengers the best in terms of comfort,” he said.

“And for something like this to happen is really heartbreaking.” Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said police had received a report and investigations were underway.

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