Narayans survive on assistance of good Samaritans

Prabeen Narayan with wife Uttra Devi Reddy and their children at their home in Dreketi Feeder Rd Lautoka. Picture: REINAL CHAND

PrabeenNarayan said his family managed to get through the past five weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns and containment through assistance rendered by good Samaritans.

However, the 37-year-old fisherman turned vegetable seller said footing electricity and water bills for their Dreketi settlement home would be a huge challenge because he had not been able to earn enough from roadside vegetable sales.

The Lautoka resident said the money made from selling vegetables grown and harvested from their back yard was barely enough to meet his wife and five children’s needs.

Mr Narayan, a fisherman by profession, said he also did some carpentry jobs on the side to earn for his family.

He said COVID-19 restrictions denied him the opportunity to fish and this resulted in them struggling on a daily basis.

His wife, Uttra Devi Reddy, said in desperation, they began to sell whatever they could fetch from their backyard garden so they could buy basic necessities.

“We sold chillies and a few vegetables harvested from our back yard and bought sugar, kerosene and some basic food stuff we were running out of,” the 34-year-old said.

“My husband used to earn good money from fishing which supported us but this has not been the case recently.

“We are lucky we live near the sea and we are able to feed the kids with fish my husband catches daily.”

She said they continued to stay positive for the sake of their children and kept reminding them the tough times they were going through would hopefully be over soon.

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