Narain challenge children to work hard

Krishna Vedic Primary School head teacher Bimla Singh (right) assistant head teacher Semiti, chief guest Satish Narain and special guest Ram at the school's prize giving ceremony. Picture: PITA WARA

RADIO and former television personality Satish Narain today challenged students of Krishna Vedic Primary School in Nausori to work hard.

Mr Narain, the sponsorship manager for Digicel Fiji, was the chief guest to the school’s prizegiving ceremony.

He inspired the children with the story of his life and the difficulties he faced while growing up.

“I came from a poor family, but I worked hard to reach where I am today,” Mr Narain said.

“Make the right choice and follow your heart. You will achieve your dream if you work hard at school.”

Head teacher Bimla Singh said the school had introduced the awarding of top prizes per class and class dux to help motivate students to work hard.

The school has a roll of about 300 students.

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