Namosi to host race

THE Jet Runners Club of Nadi will host mountain running at Burenitu Village in Nabukelevu in the interior of Namosi next month.

Club president Abhinesh Kumar said he had the idea to host an event at the village after some student of the Burenitu Village Primary School participated in some of their events in Nadi earlier this year.

“The students from the interior of Namosi came to Nadi to compete and won 11 trophies so that means these athletes have good potential,” he said.

“So I came to the village to host a clinic which was very successful and then I decided to host an event here.

“The village is located 25KM from Pacific Harbour and 18KM in from the main highway but the villagers are very interested in sports.”

Kumar said with the support of the schoolteachers, he would be able to organise a good race.

“The last time I was there, I made a request to the village chief in the traditional Fijian way and he agreed and so we are good to host the event on November 1.

“There is no electricity or tap water here and they drink river water which could be one of the reasons for their fast hydration and ability to run longer.

“Also, the kids here run barefoot on gravel roads on which only four-wheel drive vehicles and logging trucks are able to go.

“This shows that these kids have the heart to run despite the lack of proper facilities.”

Kumar added kids won’t be the only ones running in the event.

“The villagers will compete for health and fitness and use the run as part of their healthy lifestyle.

“So far, they had been playing volleyball in a small ground which is also used for rugby for their fitness.

“Next month, we will organise a 400m run for primary school kids in which two disabled kids will also participate.

“I am looking for $1000 sponsorship for the event, traveling and buying of trophies and I am requesting business houses to come forward and help grassroots development of future national long distance runners.”

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