Namaste Pasifika: A Festival of India

HEALTH Minister Rosy Akbar says programs such as Namaste Pasifika: A Festival of India can be used as a platform to address issues such as unhealthy eating.

Speaking at the opening of the festival at Lami’s Novotel Convention Centre last night, Ms Akbar encouraged healthier consumption practices.

“We really need to move away from unhealthy eating habits so we can use this platform to create a more wider, healthier options for our people,” Ms Akbar said.

She also commended the programs organised by the commission as part of their six-month long festival.

Ms Akbar said such programs were a reminder to the Indian diaspora of the hardships their ancestors faced and of their roots.

“Programs like these are important to remind us of who we are and we will always welcome such programs in Fiji,” she said.

She further added that such programs promoted unity and diversity in true senses.

“Many a times we talk about unity and diversity, diversity should not divide us and should be a tool to unite us.”

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