Naidu: Vote for change

National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman prasad (centre) with vice president Davendra Naidu (left) and Kamal Iyer during the meeting in Ba. Picture: REINAL CHAND

IF Fijians want to see change, they should vote for change.” These were the words of Ba businessmen Davendra Naidu, a provisional candidate for the National Federation Party (NFP) who will be contesting the upcoming general election. Mr Naidu said it was the struggles faced by low income earners that made him focus on a political career.

“I hope to get into Parliament this time, and for me, the number one issue is cost of living. That is why we have been pushing for a $5 minimum wage rate,” Mr Naidu said.

“Our party is saying $5 an hour as minimum wage rate and also I’d like to see that more developments be done in the Western Division. The living standards of most of our locals need to be improved, and that is one of the areas that I am going to be working on.”

Mr Naidu had contested the 2006 and 2014 general elections.

He remains optimistic that he will finally get his break in this year’s poll.

“I have always been with NFP. This is because I think it is the oldest political party in Fiji and it is very consistent. The party’s policies have always been the same from the beginning, from the time the party was born in 1963 until today,” he added.

Mr Naidu said the party had always been consistent in fighting for the improvement of living standards of the underprivileged and those living below the poverty line.

“If Fijians want a change in their daily lives and living standards, they have to vote for a change,” he added.

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