Naidu: Fijians with special needs need to be considered

Aspiring National Federation Party candidate and Nadi-based lawyer Dorsami Naidu in an interview at his office in Nadi. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

Fijians with special needs need to be considered in the social and economic participation of this country, says aspiring National Federation Party provisional candidate Dorsami Naidu.

The Nadi-based lawyer who has been involved with people with special needs for decades says this is an issue he will fight for when elected into Parliament.

“We are not creating opportunities for people with special needs and some of them are very talented, some of them can do things better than the normal person,” Mr Naidu said.

“I think people with special needs have to be considered in terms of economic participation. “They are not given the right facilities, the right teachers to be able to participate in the economic and social life of this country.”

Mr Naidu said not enough has been considered for this part of the society, adding that he would push for fair treatment when in power.

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