Naidu: A good leader listens to every view

National Federation Party vice president Manasa Baravilala with lawyer Richard Naidu at the Party's 55th convention in Ba on Saturday. Picture: REINAL CHAND

VOTERS should look at the leadership qualities of those they intend to elect into Parliament and exercise the power vested in them when they go to the polls later this year.

This is the view of constitutional lawyer Richard Naidu.

He made the comment while speaking at the National Federation Party’s annual convention and 55th anniversary celebrations in Ba last week on Saturday.

“I want to talk about leadership,” he said.

“Because that is what politics should be about.

“It is not about giving out free money, it is not about opening bridges, it is not about presenting solar panels. “That is what every government does, that is what every minister does, regardless of his or her political party because they are working with the people’s money. “That is what they are paid to do.”

Mr Naidu added that a good leader was one who listened to every view and took even views that differed from his own into account during decision-making.

“A good leader must show respect to everyone and work with everyone to reach a decision. “A good leader must build trust because not always will everybody agree. “So sometimes a leader is left to make a hard choice, so if people trust the leader, even if they disagree with their leader, they will follow.”

He added that astute leaders also planned for the day they would no longer be in government. “Good leaders know that when they come into power that one day they will lose power and good leaders plan for that day.

“They think about what is important to them and then they talk to the people who will come after them. “Sometimes those people are their political enemies.”

Mr Naidu said good leaders engaged with their rivals and political opponents and worked in the best interest of the country.

“Some leaders hang on to power because they believe that only they are capable, only they can lead. “They trust nobody else to be the leader. “Those are the leaders who are failures because no leader can lead forever.”

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